Mackenzie Standifer has been through a lot since she signed up to film "Teen Mom OG." When she first arrived on the scene, fans seemed to like her a lot. Many believed she would be good for Ryan Edwards. Standifer seemed to make some changes in his life, including making him more accountable for parenting his son with Maci Bookout.

Mackenzie and Maci get along

It was interesting to see Mackenzie Standifer and Maci Bookout get along. The two hung out altogether with Bentley, showing that they could co-parent easily. Bookout invited Ryan Edwards and Standifer to her wedding alongside his parents.

The irony of Mackenzie catching the bouquet at the wedding and marrying Edwards back in May was not lost on fans. Both of the women had a discussion during the most recent season of "Teen Mom OG" about Ryan being more active in Bentley's life. Mackenzie agreed with everything Maci was saying, but went back and twisted it around to his parents, Larry and Jen Edwards.

Toward the ending of this season of "Teen Mom OG," Mackenzie Standifer began acting a little more standoffish with Maci Bookout. Ryan and she would ignore Bookout's calls. The communication deteriorated, and speculations began that something wasn't right. As it turns out, Ryan admitted to having a substance abuse issue and entered treatment back in May.

Bullying begins

There has been a lot of back and forth about Ryan Edwards' drug problem and how it was handled. Mackenzie Standifer made no secret about how she felt Maci Bookout was responsible for exploiting her ex and his issues. Unfortunately, many "Teen Mom OG" fans didn't feel the same way. When Standifer read the letter to Bookout on the reunion special, social media blew up.

While several people went about letting her know how they felt in an appropriate way, that was not the case collectively. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Mackenzie Standifer was told to go "kill" herself and other harsh comments over what happened on the reality show. She spoke out about the bullying, directing followers to speak out about it.

This is far from over, especially where Ryan Edwards is concerned. He commented on Mackenzie Standifer's post calling the people commenting "dumb sluts" and using horrible English. The backlash isn't appropriate but given how Edwards made Standifer look like a fool on national television, calling the haters names isn't going to make them look any better.