Spoiler alerts indicate that "The Young and the Restless" is about to heat up the summer with a couple of star-crossed lovers. Victoria's son Reed and Cane and Lily's daughter Mattie will be caught up in the fallout from the office drama at Brash and Sassy.

The Brash and Sassy lawsuit

Victoria fired Juliet, which caused the disgruntled employee to file a lawsuit against Brash and Sassy. Hilary convinced her to say that Cane sexually harassed her but it's not true. Cane did not even believe he and Juliet had sex until she showed him test results that indicated that she is pregnant. Due to the fact that Cane lied about having relations with Juliet, Victoria had to pay a large settlement fee and later fired Cane.

Mattie and Reed are oblivious.

In the midst of this drama, Reed and Mattie are just finding out who their parents are. They think it's cool that her dad is working for his mom and Mattie even wants a summer internship at Brash and Sassy. The teens are just getting to know each other and are already dealing with so much. Mattie's brother Charlie does not like Reed because Charlie is dating Zoe (whom Reed one went out with). The teen boys heckle each other every time they meet. Now, the decisions of their parents are going to affect the budding romance.

The fate of the star-crossed lovers

Since the relationship has not yet really begun it would be easy for Reed and Mattie to simply go their separate ways when the truth is revealed. That, however, would not make for great summer entertainment.

When the facts are known, Reed, of course, will defend Victoria's decision to fire Cane. He and Charlie may even get into a brawl because of what Cane has been accused of. If he is the father of Juliet's baby, it will cause his children pain.

Mattie will be heartbroken that her dad lost his job and that she cannot intern at Brash and Sassy, and blame Reed's mom.

There is also the issue of Lily being the spokesmodel for the perfume brand. With Cane out of work, she will need to be the breadwinner for the family.

There is also the fact that Jordan is spending so much time with Lily. Her twins certainly will not like another man showing interest in their mother. If the feelings between Reed and Mattie grow and they decide to stay together they will face difficulties that should not even be in the picture.

Reed has already left Canada to run away from his dad. He might convince Mattie that the two of them need to get away from the Genoa City drama.

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