Ryan Edwards' drug problem was addressed on last night's "Teen Mom OG" season finale. Fans were warned ahead of time about disturbing footage and as it turns out, it was scary. Edwards was driving a car with MacKenzie Standifer in the passenger seat. He was nodding off as they were headed to get married and she had to grab the wheel at least once. As she decided to turn the cameras off, MacKenzie point blank asked Ryan if he was using Xanax again.

Fans outraged with Ryan Edwards

Immediately after last night's episode of "Teen Mom OG" aired, fans were taking to social media to discuss that driving scene.

Up until this point, no one really knew how bad Ryan Edwards' addiction was. Rumors circulated about it being a prescription drug issue, but it was never confirmed. Wth MacKenzie Standifer's mention of Xanax, it all clicked. Viewers were upset she didn't take the wheel from him and have called for Maci Bookout to revoke Edwards' visitation with his son.

According to Us Weekly, Ryan Edwards released a small statement about his issues. He addressed the fact that he checked himself into rehab over a month ago and completed a 30-day program. Ryan says life is good right now, and things with his wife and son are good. In fact, he credits MacKenzie Standifer, his parents, and his son for helping him get clean.

While they may have contributed to his success, it was Maci Bookout who got the word out and basically forced Edwards to address his drug use.

The reunion explodes

Previews for next week's "Teen Mom OG" special reunion were shown during last night's episode. MacKenzie Standifer was on stage with Maci Bookout and the two were arguing.

Bentley's mother called out Ryan Edwards' wife and told her she was so full of s**t. Standifer ended up walking off stage and it looks like there is going to be plenty of tension. Bookout has been concerned about her ex for several weeks on the show and when she finally stood up and aired the dirty laundry, Edwards sought help.

Fans are expecting a special to be made about Ryan Edwards and his journey. When the rehab news came out, Jennifer Edwards commented about having a story to tell but wasn't able to do it then. While MTV has not confirmed anything, this storyline has pretty much dominated the second half of "Teen Mom OG." Edwards is now home and it appears he is doing well outside of treatment. While Xanax was mentioned, it is likely not the only thing he was using. As more information becomes available, the worse the story gets.