Maci Bookout has found herself in a world of trouble regarding Ryan Edwards. The two were made famous when they appeared on "16 & Pregnant" on MTV and later joined the spin-off, "Teen Mom." Now called "Teen Mom OG," the two have spent eight years in front of the cameras. Fans of the show have suspected Edwards had a drug problem for quite some time and a few weeks ago, it was revealed that Bookout found out there was indeed a problem.

Maci reveals Ryan's issues

At the end of a "Teen Mom OG" episode a few weeks ago, Maci Bookout revealed to her husband, Taylor McKinney that Ryan Edwards was in a bad way.

While it had been apparent to fans and likely Maci herself, she admitted it on camera. She was careful about how she worded things though. The following week, Maci and the other "Teen Mom OG" girls (minus Farrah) ended up in Puerto Rico. It was there that Catelynn and Amber asked Bookout about the status of Edwards and the problem he was experiencing. Portwood mentioned she knew where he was as she herself had been so far into an addiction that she almost didn't make it out. While she is fine now, the earlier years of her on the show were not some of her best moments.

Right now, there is no clear answer about what Ryan Edwards is struggling with. Rumors have said prescription painkillers while others have inferred it would be something like meth or another similar drug.

Edwards' ex-girlfriend spoke out about using pills with him and a secret rehab stint a few years ago, but Jen Edwards denied her claims. Ryan's parents and wife, MacKenzie Standifer have been quiet about his issues. The only comment they have made was that there is a story to be told and they cannot tell it yet. "Teen Mom OG" fans assume because it will play out on the show and it is all about their contractual agreements.

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Monday night's 'Teen Mom OG'

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Maci Bookout is going to reach out to a counselor to find out how to approach Ryan Edwards and get him the help he needs. It appears as though she thought long and hard about the situation and in order to protect her son from the issues his dad has, she is willing to give him a hefty ultimatum.

As hard as this will be for Bookout, she was given the advice she needed to possibly help save Bentley's dad's life.

An all-new episode of "Teen Mom OG" airs tomorrow night on MTV. Fans are looking forward to finding out if Maci Bookout had a role in getting Ryan Edwards help and more details surrounding his treatment. It was revealed earlier this month that he has checked into a rehab and had married MacKenzie Standifer shortly before he sought treatment.