On "The Young and the Restless" Juliet Helton continues to be a woman of mystery. After close to 5 months on the screen, her true agenda has yet to be revealed. Spoiler Alerts indicate that Juliet may be in love with her alleged baby daddy Cane Ashby. If true this will change everything the viewers have been led to believe.

How it all began for Juliet and Cane

Juliet had Cane drink a lot of sake while in Tokyo. It has been hinted at by past spoilers that she spiked his drink. Later Ms. Helton tells Cane they slept together but he does not remember.

She gets a job working with him at "Brash and Sassy" and they are co-workers for over 3 months without a problem. Occasionally Cane asked her to please not tell his wife about their one night together. Juliet replied that it was just sex and meant nothing.

Unknown to the couple Hilary Curtis overheard the conversation. When Juliet confides in her that she was fired Hilary convinces Ms. Helton to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cane. Later when Cane's wife Lily is arguing with Juliet she faints. At the hospital, she produces test results indicating she is pregnant and says Cane is the father. Viewers, however, believe here is something more to this story.

Juliet's fantasy

As Juliet discusses her pregnancy with Hilary her voice softens as she says she and Cane could make good parents.

Hilary takes note and considers that her friend may be in love with her baby daddy. Did Juliet fall in love with Cane in Tokyo and hatch a scheme to take him away from Lily? What was her motive for getting him drunk and into bed? If Juliet did not believe she could have him any other way that is pretty pathetic.

Did she simply desire a night of passion and the pregnancy was not in the plans or was Juliet already expecting and looking for a father for her child?

Ms. Helton knows the bond Cane and Lily have and she is also aware they have 2 children. Surely she could not imagine Cane would give all that up to raise a child with her. Perhaps she is hoping Lily will not stand by her man and she will win Cane by default.

When "Brash and Sassy" gave her a check Juliet told Hilary that her financial woes were over.

If as she told Cane it was only sex and did not mean anything why is she fantasizing about raising her child with Cane? Did Juliet fall in love with him by accident and is he really the father of her child? Cane is asking for a paternity test but spoilers have not yet hinted at how it will turn out.