Most people remember Macaulay Culkin as the child actor who starred in "Home Alone" movie franchise. However, when he got older, he became sort of a train wreck, succumbing to illegal drugs and vices. Culkin eventually faded away from the limelight, landing lesser movie projects and endorsements.

However, a recent photo of him surfaced online that got the fans very excited. The said photo showed the "Home Alone" actor looking all clean and dapper, an image that was rarely seen by his fans. Although it still appears that he's still hooked to smoking, judging by the packs of cigarettes he was holding in the viral photo, the transformation of his physical appearance was really commendable.

Now that Macaulay Culkin has regained his relevance in Hollywood, the fans and the paparazzi are back to following the 36-year old actor.

According to People, Culkin was recently spotted getting matching tattoos with Paris Jackson.

Matching tattoos with her godfather

Paris Jackson is Michael Jackson's 19-year old daughter and it is a known fact that Macaulay Culkin is one of her godfathers. Apparently, she and Culkin have a strong Godfather and god-daughter bond for them to get matching tattoos.

Jackson has been known to be a fan of tattoos and has even mentioned that she has more or less 50 tattoos on her body. However, it appears that it's the first time that Culkin got himself inked. Jackson shared her matching tattoo with Culkin on her Instagram stories. According to E! News, Culkin, and Jackson got their symbolic matching tattoos at Tattoo Mania located in West Hollywood.

Bond getting stronger

This is not the first time that Paris Jackson shared on social media some photos of her spending some quality time with Macaulay Culkin. Earlier this year, Jackson shared a snap of her cozily lounging on her godfather's lap while sporting silly bunny ears. There was also another photo where she was seen giving Culkin a pedicure.

Their relationship as godfather and god-daughter has elicited mixed reactions from the fans. While some gush over how cute their relationship is, some also speculate that there might be something romantic going on between them. Their big age difference can be considered as an issue, should they confirm that they have something more than platonic going on between them. Culkin was a good friend of Michael Jackson and has regularly kept in touch with the latter's three kids even after his death in 2009.