Macaulay Culkin made another transformation. The Home Alone” actor was recently spotted looking hunkier than when he was last seen in public. Culkin had many of his fans worried years ago when they saw him looking so thin and dishevelled. They surmised that it could be because of substance abuse. As years passed, he seemed to have changed, confidently appearing at special events looking fit, dousing speculations of his heavy drug use.

Macaulay Culkin’s new look

Many Hollywood insiders and fans know about the troubled personal life that the former child star went through.

These days, he seems to have found a semblance of happiness, and has been seen enjoying the company of friends and looking more robust. The former actor, who has shied away from the limelight, was recently seen sporting a neater haircut -- a wispy style that goes with a fuller face. It is a far cry from the super thin and sick-looking guy that the public pitied five years ago.

Macaulay Culkin rocked a hot boy-next-door look garbed in a chambray shirt, snug black jeans, and boots as he stepped out and made his way to a Los Angeles convenience store. Completing his look was a pair of square glasses that enhanced his hipster hunk style.

Upcoming film project

Some people attributed the fresh change in looks to the role he will be playing in “Changeland,” a new film featuring Disney sensation Brenda Song and Seth Green.

Culkin has not appeared in a major film project in years. He did come out in a satirical web comedy series in latte 2015 that had a funny take on his `Home Alone’ character. It appealed to those who had a dark sense of humor. Macaulay Culkin portrayed a blabbering guy with deranged tendencies, sharing his story with a customer.

Lengthy romantic relationship

Macaulay Culkin had a lengthy relationship with actress Mila Kunis. During the talented actor’s first few years in the entertainment industry, he became close to pop icon Michael Jackson, and thereafter struck up a friendship with his daughter Paris. Culkin was recently photographed after partying with Paris Jackson.

The King of Pop's daughter battled with self-esteem issues during her younger years and made headlines after she attempted suicide.

Staying clean

One thing Macaulay Culkin's transformation conveys is that looking clean and living well are important. On the other hand, looks can be deceiving. Many of his fans have noted how awful he looked during the slump in his career, yet the takeaway is that people can pick up the shattered pieces of their lives and start anew.