Actor Macaulay Culkin has been the subject of numerous actor transformation tabloids in the past few years. Ever since the actor’s famed role back in 1990 as Kevin McCallister in the film Home Alone, the actor did have major and shocking transformations that left his fans worried.

Surely, Macaulay Culkin’s childhood face will be stuck in our head for a long time, since there’s a replay of “Home Aloneevery Christmas. But the 36-year-old actor did grow up, and he ended up looking bony with long hair and minimal beard. But all of that belongs to the past now.

Most fans are even shocked and happy about his look transformation.

Paparazzi caught Macaulay Culkin in his new look

While visiting a convenience store late in July, paparazzi followed him as Macaulay Culkin shocked them with his new features. The long rock star hair is gone, and it’s now shorter and tousled, emphasizing his non-bony jaw, plus the glasses that made him look nerdy and gorgeous. Unlike his previous go-to look, the actor did seem to be more presentable and fit. Maybe he’s shooting a new film?

Indeed he is. Culkin did decide to leave acting for a while and went on with his private life and underground band. But this year, the actor might be appearing in a film or more. Even though appeared in some movies, it has hardly replicated the big success he enjoyed as a child.

With his new image, it’s possible he’ll be taking on some portrayals that would bring him back to the big screen.

The same day the wonderful photo of him was taken, he went on to spend time with actress Brenda Song who will be in the movie “Changeland.” Culkin and Song will be a part of it, but there are not any confirmed details about the said roles yet.

The film seemed to be the opportunity for his transformation. Without a confirmation of dating, the two actors did look like they had a very good time.

Culkin is dating and is happy with his relationship status

The former Disney child actress was looking great as well, perfect for a night out with the actor and some friends.

It’s the same with Culkin as Song also focused more on guest starring on TV shows such as “New Girl,” instead of being on the big screen. It seems like they plan to come back with a bang!

Both actors have been shying away from the camera during the same night, but surely they look better than their famed roles.

Macaulay Culkin probably holds the title of 2017’s best transformation, and it would be great to see more sides of him.