Kesha is back and worse than ever. This year marks the return of the singer as she released her first single in a few years titled "Praying." The star quickly follows this song with the release of "Woman." These two tracks are singles off of her not yet released an album titled "Rainbow." Now the artist has given fans a further taste of her new musical stylings in the song "Learn To Let Go." The video explores the singer's connection with her past, and overall the theme is overcoming life's worries. Kesha reconciles with the young child inside of her who is full of joy and hope for her future.

The video is a very poignant message, especially in the wake of her trial with her former producer.

The music video shows the artist battling her demons

The beginning of the video shows Kesha watching a tape of herself in her childhood. The walls of the room then fall away, and the singer is left in a forest. The singer trepidly explores the surrounding forest as figures from her childhood run through the scenes. It is clear that Kesha is making some connection to her childhood and the past in the video. Her series of music videos as of late have focused on overcoming past pain, and it appears that this theme is kept up in "Learn To Let Go."

The singer is seen holding a teddy bear. She then finds connections around the woods which connect to her past and her growing love of music as a child.

The singer is then surrounded by dancers. Kesha appears to find the joy of being a child again when life was simple, and she had no worries. The dancers are re-enacting movements from home videos showing Kesha as a child. The final part of the video shows her walking back to the TV where she listens to her past self-saying that she is happy.

Kesha talks about what the song means to her

According to Rolling Stone, Kesha described the title of the song as one of her mantras which she has held onto over the past few years of her life. She stated that to move on with her life, she had to let go of the past. This theme is shown through the lyrics of the song and its verse "Learn To Let Go." She stated that one has to learn from their mistakes but not dwell on them.

She wrote the song with her mother Pebe Seibert and Stuart Crichton.

It has been confirmed that "Learn To Let Go" is one of the songs which will feature on Kesha's upcoming albums. It is unknown yet as to whether or not she will be releasing any more music before the time of her album's release. "Rainbow" is due to be published on August 11.