Singer Kesha leveled a barrage of charges at Dr. Luke and he counter-attacked. The "TikTok" singer accuses her producer of fat-shaming her weight loss plan. She also texted Lady GaGa claiming he'd drugged and raped her and another performer. Dr. Luke (the professional nickname of Lukasz Gottwald) is suing Kesha Sebert over "defaming" rape claims. Gottwald says the realy body-shamers are Kesha's family and handlers who micromanage her diet and bully her into weight loss.

Kesha fat-shamed over Diet Coke

Kesha (whose stage name is spelled Ke$ha) released emails from Dr.

Luke faulting her failed dieting and weight loss attempts. Kesha was the victim of online bullying over pictures showing belly fat and possible early obesity. Gottwald allegedly criticized her for drinking Diet Coke. But the super-producer says the weight loss gig was her idea and the folks everyone should go after for fat-shaming are in her own camp. Evidently handlers and family members have tried to control her junk food addiction and their interventions are done with very little tact.

Kesha bullied into weight loss?

Is Dr. Luke justifying his own shaming behavior? He seems to defend bullying the celebrity by saying others bully her more. He also appears to think that because someone tries to lose weight, they automatically open themselves up to critique.

Few addicts find sobriety, recovery, weight loss from the nagging of others. It's been said that Kesha developed an eating disorder as a result of bullying by her producer. Anorexia oftens stems from shaming which creates a false body image. Regardless of who is Kesha's biggest critic, body-shaming isn't going to work, period.

Dr. Luke denounces Kesha's rape claims

Other hot button issues between Gottwald and the singer are her sexual assault charges. Reportedly Kesha accused Dr. Luke of raping an unnamed artist in texts to Lady GaGa. The texts asserted that she herself had been molested by him as well. Gottwald counter-claims that the "We R Who We R" singer is trying to get him blacklisted in the music industry and playing the rape card to do so.

He included defamation of character in his lawsuit against Kesha. The two have gone head to head over changing lyrics in the song "Crazy Kids" which he says was done to appease Kesha. The singer is trying to break her contract with Dr. Luke and Sony and the producer feels she is maligning his reputation to get out of the six-album deal.