"Suburbicon" was directed by George Clooney and is the stars' second directorial debut. The screenplay for the movie was co-written by Joel and Ethan Coen. The movie focuses on the character of Gardner Lodge in the 1950's. The place where he lives is the perfect community however beneath this glossed exterior lies a life of betrayal, violence, and crime. Gardner must learn to navigate this world before it is too late. The trailer for the movie has been released online. Casting includes such actors as Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac, Noah Dupe and Glenn Fleshler.

The town where everything is perfect

Matt Damon stars as the movie's protagonist. He takes on the role of husband and father Gardner Lodge who has a perfect life, perfect wife, and perfect children. However, not is all it seems in the neighborhood of "Surburbicon." Bubbling under the surface of the towns perfect facade is a life surrounded by violence and crime. Gardner finds himself navigate this world and becoming more embroiled in the secret events of "Surburbicon."

The trailer begins with an old style American ad advertising the town of "Surburbicon." Gardner is then seen going into his young son's room and telling him that he needs to get up. There are men in their house. The scene then flashes to the family being attacked by the assailants.

Gardner's wife is killed in the attack, and he sets out to make this right.

The trailer includes several violent scenes where many of the characters are involved in violent altercations with one another. "Suburbicon" explores the violence of the perfect world in a unique manner. All the while Gardner tries to be a good father to his son.

Clooney as the director

george clooney decided that he wanted to explore the role of the director. According to The Guardian, he has not been the director of a movie since his work on "Monumental Men" back in 2014. Clooney has regularly worked with the screenwriters of "Suburbicon, " and it appears that a strong team is behind the production of this movie.

The movie first premiered at Venice Film Festival where is it currently undergoing the running for the awards.

"Suburbicon" will be arriving in theaters later this year. The release date for the movie has been confirmed as the 3rd of November in the US. The movie will be released a few weeks laters in the UK on the 24 of November. Fans of Clooney can look forward to seeing his efforts as the director as he explores the underground criminal world in "Suburbicon."