Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their third child via surrogacy. The couple already has two children together, North and Saint West and decided earlier this year that they wanted to add to their family. However, Kim has a condition that would make having another child extremely dangerous both for her and the baby. Therefore, the couple has decided that they would go down the route of surrogacy. According to the US, the surrogate is now three months pregnant with their child.

The third pregnancy would be too dangerous

Kim Kardashian and her decision to use a surrogate for her third child have been a hot topic over the past few months.

The celebrity already has two children with husband Kanye West. When she was pregnant with North and Saint West the celebrity was diagnosed with an extremely dangerous condition known as placenta accreta. This condition causes the placenta to attached much too deeply into the uterine wall which could result in severe hemorrhaging. This is life threatening for both the development of the child and the mother.

Kim Kardashian decided to opt for a surrogate because of this diagnosis. The mother of two did not want to go through another stressful pregnancy as were documented on her reality TV show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". Kanye West is completely behind the decision and the pair has already paid several thousand dollars for the surrogacy.

Initially, Kim was hoping that a fellow family member would be the surrogate for her third child but ultimately the decision was made to go with a surrogate.

Three-months into the pregnancy

According to the US, the surrogate is already three months into her pregnancy. All that is known about the woman is that she is a San Diego mother in her late twenties.

She was referred to the celebrity couple by the surrogacy agency and Kim and Kanye decided to go with her. This means that if the surrogate successfully carries the baby to full term the newest addition to the Kardashian-West family could be arriving as early as January 2018.

The surrogate has severed as a surrogate to other families in the past.

She has also appeared in promotional videos about the process of being a surrogate while having her own family. The surrogate is entitled to extra compensation if she loses any organs or experiences difficulties during the birth of the child. So far the couple has agreed to pay monthly installments of $4500 to the agency. Kim and Kanye are legally responsible for the child in the agreement so there is no fear that the surrogate could take the child away from them.

There has been no further comment by Kim Kardashian about the surrogacy. It is clear that she is continuing her daily life and is extremely excited to meet the next Kardashian-West.