Justine Bieber, for the nth time, has surprised his fans with a disappointing announcement. He basically canceled all remaining dates of his Purpose World Tour. This came into light just a few days after China declared him persona non grata.

Whether or not the ban had something to do with his decision, Justin Bieber still made a risky decision in one way or another. According to TMZ, more than 200 of the Canadian pop star’s crew no longer has jobs. But surprisingly, he does not care like at all.

Refuses to say sorry

Bieber might have popularized the tune “Sorry,” but as far as his unemployed people are concerned, he is not sorry.

The singer-songwriter is reportedly not concerned with the hundreds of people who suddenly lose their job. This was due to his cancellation of the Purpose World Tour, which would have continued in some major Asian countries. For him, it is not his sole responsibility and that it is someone else’s. Well, if it was not his, then these people would still have jobs by now.

Justin Bieber was seen leaving a BOA steakhouse last Tuesday night. He was with his longtime friend Patrick Schwarzenneger. He was later on followed by a group of reporters who asked for a message for his tour crew. It was conveyed to him that most, if not all, of his people were pissed by his hasty decision. They were not given a heads-up after all.

But regardless, Bieber pulled up the plug and left them dry. Bieber, on the other hand, was defiant and explained the difference. For him, the tour crew and his personal staffers (who still have jobs, though) are so much different. Hence his notion that it was not his responsibility.

His reason for canceling the world tour

Justin Bieber, later on, explained that the cancellation was due to a personal reason.

He was reportedly “burned out” and wanted to go for a long break. Besides, the kid has been touring since early this year. Despite this, many were still not convinced. In fact, there were reports that Bieber wanted to pursue church planting. In order to do so, he needed to cancel the Purpose World Tour. The singer has been vocal about his faith, which was believed to be the main reason behind his cancellation.

Meanwhile, it holds true that Justin Bieber got banned from performing in any Chinese stage. The decision came from the country’s Culture Bureau, stating that the reason was due to the singer’s “bad behaviors.” Although they did not elaborate, many believed it had something to do with Bieber’s stunt in the Great Wall of China. He was seen being carried like an emperor, seemingly mocking the historic place.