Judging by a recent Victoria’s Angel photo shoot, it is clear what is it about Stella Maxwell that caught Kirsten Stewart's eyes. The duo moved in together recently and seem to be having so much fun. They recently crashed a wedding in Canada, surprising the brides who did not recognize them at once but then got the clear picture of the famous hot couple.

Newlyweds Kirsten and Kayleigh Jennings did not expect the celebrity couple. Stewart was shooting for an upcoming movie in the nearby area and just thought of crashing the wedding with the model girlfriend.

Kirsten Stewart happy with Stella Maxwell

Maxwell and Stewart are clearly having so much fun together. The love birds have been spotted on many occasions getting cozy. This is the longest relationship the "Café Society" actress shared with anyone after the breakup with Robert Pattinson. The duo recently adopted a puppy together.

Kristen and Alicia Cargile still romancing?

Kristen and Stella are also rumored to be wed soon. However, there are rumors that the "Café Society" actress is still not over her ex-lover Alicia Cargile. There has been no official comment the "Personal Shopper" star on the recent cheating rumors.

The “Twilight” actress was totally smitten by Cargile and had opened up in an interview in the past, saying that she is really in love with her girlfriend despite their numerous break ups, they keep getting back again and right now she can feel alive once again that she is back in her life.

Cargile and Stewart dated in 2014 and shared an on and off relationship.

They were first spotted at LA Airport arriving from their romantic holiday and walking hands in hands. The couple seemed to be inseparable but broke up soon after giving many chances to their relationship to bloom.

“Twilight” star happier than ever

Stewart was also quoted saying in an interview in the past that when she was dating a man, she had to hide most of her personal life because every personal aspect of her was suddenly trivialized and she did not obviously like it.

She said that while being in the relationship with a guy, they both turned into some characters of a ridiculous comic book and she always felt that her relationship was made into something that wasn’t her and she despised it. Stewart, who also dated French singer Soko, talked about the kind of freedom she experienced with her relationship with Cargile and it is above all else.