Justin Bieber just canceled all of his remaining Purpose World Tour dates. Of course, this brought disappointment to the expecting fans, most especially in Asia. Well, this is typical Bieber move.

According to NME, the phenomenal pop star Justin Bieber canceled the said tour just months before it is set to come full circle. He, however, revealed the reasons behind his shocking decision. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Bieber to start his church?

The “Sorry” singer iterated that due to being “burned out” and, understandably, exhaustion, he opted to cancel the remaining dates of his Purpose World Tour.

In recent reports, he was cited wanting to focus on “R&R” and give himself some “me-time.” He also went to apologize to the fans who were affected by his decision. Interestingly, this news came right after China declared him persona non grata. So, in a sense, there must be a connection between the two subjects.

Apparently, rumors have it that Justin Bieber wants to focus and reconnect with his new-found “faith.” This reportedly forced him to quit the said tour and, believe it or not, build his church. This was revealed by sources close to the publication. It is worth noting that Bieber has since been vocal about his faith and his walk with God. He announced about being a renewed man and that his life now has a sense of purpose.

Bieber was last seen attending the annual Hillsong Church Conference at Sydney.

China bans the singer

The Culture Bureau of China just released a statement, announcing the declaration of Justin Bieber’s persona non grata. The bureau explained that his “bad behaviors” caught the attention of the government. Although they did not elaborate what these “behaviors” were, many believe it included a picture of Bieber being carried like an emperor in the Great Wall of China.

The agency did not confirm nor deny this, though. Moreover, there have been a handful of misconducts from the singer, most especially when performing on stage.

China’s decision to ban Justin Bieber will prevent him from performing in any Chinese stage. The news broke the hearts of fans who were expecting their idol perform in the country.

Interestingly, Bieber decided to cancel all remaining schedules of his Purpose World Tour. Whether or not this is due to China’s decision, it remains to be a mystery. Consequently, the singer earned the ire of fans, as they felt betrayed. They bought tickets and waited for the concert, only to be disappointed in the end.