Variety reported that Justin Bieber had announced the cancellation of all remaining dates of his Purpose World Tour. This was a massive shock to his fans, most especially to those who are in Asia. Although the Canadian pop star revealed his reason behind the decision, many did not believe it at all.

In fact, there is speculation suggesting that Justin Bieber’s decision had something to do with his faith and he that perhaps he wanted to focus on starting his own Church. Elle wrote that this was a wild rumor. These speculations indicated that he possibly wanted to move way from giving concerts, but according to Daily Mail, this is not true at all.

Bieber not starting a church

Justin Bieber's initial statement about the cancellation included the words “Due to unforeseen circumstances.” The was statement quoted by the Mirror. He did not entirely elaborate his reason at that time, but Bieber and his management promised to refund all the tickets and have since expressed their apologies towards his fandom. Following the initial statement, speculations about him wanting to start his own church surfaced.

The “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean?” singer has denied the rumor that he cancelled the Purpose World Tour to found a church. On Tuesday, the Grammy Award-winning artist was seen in Beverly Hills, grabbing a bite. Elle reported that he was asked by a photographer about the truth behind the so-called religious reasons.

Bieber replied, "Yeah, everything's fine, yeah" he told the man on camera. "I've been on tour for two years. It is [a long stretch,] yeah. Yes, [I'm looking forward] to resting, getting some relaxation, I'm going to ride some bikes."

Banned from China

Interestingly, just days before the cancellation, china’s Culture Bureau declared Justin Bieber persona non grata.

This means that he can no longer visit the country. The bureau did not reveal exactly the reason, but they mentioned Bieber’s “bad behavior.” Some believe that it had something to do with a picture of him being carried like an emperor on the Great Wall of China. In fact, he is well-known for displaying displeasing behavior in public.

This, among others, could have fueled the bureau’s decision to ban him from performing on any Chinese stages.

The timing of the ban and cancellation is quite interesting, as this could just be behind Justin Bieber’s reason to cancel the Purpose World Tour, but unless he denies or confirms it, there is nothing that people can do except accept his decision. The singer’s crew and management, on the other hand, were reportedly surprised. They did not receive any notification or prior warning, which resulted to 200 people losing their jobs, according to TMZ.