Many are wondering why Justin Bieber suddenly pulled the plug and cancelled his Purpose World Tour. He explained that it was due to being “burned out.” While he iterated this a couple of times already, not everybody believed it.

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber’s focus in life may no longer be his singing career. It is reportedly about this “spiritual awakening.” While this is an interesting chapter in his life, it still puts his music career at risk.

It is all about his faith

Bieber has been vocal about his walk with God, something that he is not ashamed to proclaim in interviews whatsoever.

In fact, he is being monitored by a Hillsong Church leader, as reported by TMZ. Interestingly, the publication, through their sources, acquired information about the singer’s decision to cancel the tour. It was due to him being spiritually awakened, and, in fact, he plans to build his own church. His decision was deeply rooted in his relationship with religious pastor named Carl Lentz. Although this has been circulating online already, Lentz denied the allegations.

Justin Bieber’s relationship with Lentz is said to have gotten intense. This led to most of his fans believing that every decision the singer does is heavily influenced by the pastor. One source close to TMZ said that the church did not entirely tell Bieber to cancel his tour.

Rather, the decision was based on the singer’s “spiritual soul-searching.” He believes that this is just one small step towards the path he should be taking.

An end to his career?

Many believe that the endless conversations Justin Bieber had with Lentz somehow affected his decision in life. Whether it is good or bad for him, it remains a mystery.

As far as the Purpose World Tour getting cancelled, it cannot be denied that hundreds of people lost their jobs. They were even enraged that the "What Do You Mean?" singer did not opt to notify them beforehand. But as far as Bieber is concerned, it was not his responsibility. He iterated that the tour crew losing their jobs is not his fault.

In another report from TMZ, Justin Bieber, however, denied the rumors that he is starting his own church. Instead, he just wanted to be on a long break and have fun. The “Sorry” singer also denied that China’s decision to ban him had nothing to do with this cancellation of the aforementioned tour. It is worth noting that the country’s Culture Bureau declared him persona non grata for “bad behaviors.”