Julexis fans are in an uproar because Julian Jerome may have seen his last days in Port Charles. Rumor has it that contract negotiations have fallen through. A Facebook page has been created and fans have been reaching out to appeal to "General Hospital" executive producer Frank Valentini to renew William DeVry's contract.

Julexis is popular with fans

Julian and Alexis have a chemistry that lights up the screen. William DeVry and Nancy Lee Grahn were tailor-made for these rolls. In spite of all their difficulties and disapproval from their families, Julian and Alexis can't stay away from each other.

Julexis can communicate with a glance or a smile and neither can hide the fact of how much each one loves the other. No matter how low Julian goes his love for Alexis pulls him through. In spite of his crimes, the fans adore him and the writers find a way to redeem him.

Last week, Julian warned Jason that someone was gunning for Sonny. Jason went to warn Sonny and stopped the would-be assassin in his tracks. Later Molly, whose parents are Sonny and Alexis, set aside her hatred for her stepdad and thanked him for saving her father's life. This seemed to be a step in the direction with those who are angry with Julian beginning to soften towards him.

Julian and Alexis are a super couple

Julexis is a super couple who overcome obstacles to stick together.

The way Alexis grieved when she thought her husband was dead and the scene where Julian returned from the dead and she saw him on the peer was priceless. When they reunited in his hotel room it was magic. The fans love them and the powers that be surely realize they should heed the voice of those who faithfully view the show.

Frank Valentini and Wiliam DeVry should come to an agreement so the fans can continue to enjoy watching Julexis. This couple needs a chance at happiness because the fans have only seen them struggle. There are times when the voice of the viewers is heard. Decades ago, when "Days of Our Lives" killed off Marlena Evans, the fans cried out.

The writers changed the plot and said it was Marlena's twin Samantha who died. Julian Jerome fans desire the same outcome.

Let's hope the value that the loyal audience places on Julexis will make a difference and Frank Valentini and William DeVry will come to an agreement. "General Hospital" fans desire to see this couple lighting up the screen for a long time to come. Super couples were popular in the 1980's but today they are rare. Julexis is one of a few and deserves their time to shine.