"iZombie" Season 3 just ended on a high note revealing the longtime secret that Liv Moore (Rose McIver) tried to cover up since it will endanger more lives. How can Liv and her gang deal with the aftermath? Will they ever find a cure?

Zombie-less in Seattle

"iZombie" fans and critics alike felt surprised with the major twist being seen early in the series. "Veronica Mars" creator rob thomas dropped the "undead bomb" in Episode 13 of the third and latest installment of the hit zombie procedural on The CW.

Speaking about the big reveal with EW, Thomas thinks that each season is like a book on this own.

He also teased on the "exciting things" that will take place in the upcoming season despite the big reveal.

Bleeding Cool News revealed the synopsis for the next season ahead of the Comic-Con event. "iZombie" Season 4 will pick up the pace three months after Chase (Jason Dohring) of Filmore Graves got the hold of the entire city. In the season finale, his company actually laced the flu vaccine that transformed unknowing citizens into zombies as well.

Now, the government doesn't have any choice but to cooperate and provide the "brain food" part of the bargain. Thomas added that the living and the undead are in a "West Berlin in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis" type of situation.

Ravi becomes a zombie savior?

Viewers, on the other hand, may have found a "savior" in Ravi (Rahul Kohli). Season 3 ended with an interaction between Liv and her quirky British co-worker in which he reveals a potential "cure" in a form of a sugar cube.

Ravi shared that he had been working on this "zombie-ism" vaccine for a long time and the time has come to make a huge step for science.

He told Liz that he will become his own guinea pig if he needs to.

However, Liz isn't too happy in agreeing with Ravi's plan especially it needs a scratch from a zombie to transform him.

"What I want, more than anything, is to feel like I left the world a better place," Ravi added before talking about a personalized helicopter named after him.

What might happen in Season 4, Episode 1?

The scene almost showed a rare and emotional moment between the two until Ravi began thinking of the time when he caught her eating the brains of a dead girl inside the morgue. It is still unknown if Liv will scratch him as the episode ends with him holding out his arm after exchanging "I love you's."

In other news, the show will indeed address if Ravi's vaccine will work on him or not. There will be some side effects but fans will have to wait until the premiere episode to find out more updates. According to Thomas, Ravi will definitely not die and will return for the next season.

Are you ready to see zombie Ravi? How can Liv deal with him if that happens? "iZombie" Season 4 will return for a midseason debut this Fall. Stay tuned for more updates.