Things don't look so good right now, for "General Hospitals" Julian Jerome. After a night of passion with Alexis, today he was arrested. Julian had been presumed dead but was only hiding out. Alexis found him, and the two spent the night together. Their daughter Sam tracked her mother's phone and called the police. Just as Julian and Alexis were saying goodbye, the cops came, along with Sam and Jason.

The sins of Julian Jerome

Julian has many strikes against him. He ordered the hit on Duke Lavery, then called it off. His henchman Carlos Rivera did not get the message in time and murdered Duke anyway.

Julian later stabbed Carlos to death, to keep him from talking to the cops. He later held a knife to Alexis's throat when she threatened, to tell the truth. Julian also kept quiet that his supposedly dead sister Oliva Jerome was alive and well and had been blackmailing him.

His silence allowed her to terrorize the citizens of Port Charles and put his unborn granddaughter Scout in danger. For these transgressions, neither his family nor the law will offer forgiveness, at least not yet. It is however within the realm of possibility that all could be forgiven at a future date. And the former Mob Boss, be set free.

Redemption is a possible because of Sonny

In the real world, Julian's crimes would have him sentenced to prison for life.

In the land of daytime drama, however, redemption can come in many curious ways. The reason Julian Jerome can be redeemed is that of his arch-enemy, and rival mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. There have been situations where Sonny should have gone to jail, .and he did not. There was one time he was actually in prison but was released because he saved lives when a bomb was set to explode.

Recently he was under house arrest because it was thought he was responsible for a car bomb that killed his youngest son. It turned out that Sonny was innocent, so he was set free.

Right now, there does not seem to be a viable way to redeem Julian, but the writers will come up with one. He is a fan favorite. And he and Alexis are a beloved couple.

If Sonny Corinthos never has pay for his crimes, then why should Julian Jerome? It will be very interesting to see what situation is written into the story line, that will bring redemption to Julian, and reunite him with the love of his life. It will be difficult for Julian to make amends with his children Sam and Lucas, and to convince Oliva to allow him into the life of young Leo. It will be fascinating to see what the 'General Hospital' writers come up with to pull it off.