Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome have a troubled history on "General Hospital". They have continued to go in and out of each other's lives for decades. The once teenage lovers are now grandparents who heat up the screen with steamy passion. No matter how many times they get pulled apart, they always find their way back to each other. Their tragic Love Story may, however, be coming to an end.

How it all began

"Alexis met Julian one night when she was 16. She had been drinking and ended up in the back seat of his car. When she found out she was pregnant, she did not even know his name, or how to find him.

This does not sound like the shrewd lawyer Davis that fans know, but she as only a teenager at the time. According to Alexis, she gave birth to a daughter, that she gave up for adoption. Unknown to Alexis, her love as the son of a mobster, who one day would take over the family business.

Decades later the daughter, Samantha McCall came calling. By this time Alexis has two more daughters. One by mob boss Sonny Corinthos, and the other by his half-brother Rick Lansing. After a rocky start, mother and daughter mend their relationship. They had no idea a storm was brewing and headed right their way.

A few years after this, Julian shows up in town using the name Derek Wells and having had plastic surgery.

When he turns out to be a bone marrow match for Alexis grandson, Sam's son Danny, some things begin to fall into place. Eventually, the truth comes out, that Derek is Julian whose father was a mobster who caused a lot of damage in Port Charles. He was also a sworn enemy of Sonny. In spite of all the drama.

Julian and Alexis reunite, fall in love and remarry.

Julian also finds out that he has a grown son Lucas, whose mother Cheryl Stansbury is dead. Because Julian was also presumed dead, Lucas was raised by Tony and Bobbi Jones. So Julian has found his long lost love and two adult children. His life should have been complete, but this is where the tragic love story begin.

Julian is to blame

Julian lied to his new found family about his ties to the mob. Each time he said he was done, he would get sucked back in. Within the last few years, Julian, as well as his son Lucas both were shot. Morgan Corinthos was killed by a bomb that was planted in Julian's vehicle. Alexis and Sam have been targeted and threatened. Sam was actually kidnapped while pregnant.

Julian's big sin is that ordered a hit on Duke Lavery, a beloved Port Charles resident. He called it off, but it was too late. Duke was murdered, and later Julian stabbed the man who killed Duke on his behalf. Alexis found out and decided to turn her husband in. She ended up on a pier with Julian who had a knife to her throat.

Sonny rescued Alexis, and when Julian was about to kill him, Alexis stabbed her husband in the back. Julian recovered and there was not enough evidence to convict him. Even so, his family all turned their backs on him. So much for a happy ending.

Can a troubled history bring a happy ending?

Julian's presumed dead sister Oliva came to town and blackmailed him. She kidnapped a pregnant Sam and later held Alexis at gunpoint on a bridge. Julian saved his wife and Oliva shot him. When no body was found, it was presumed he was dead. Last week Alexis found him as she was walking on the pier. she followed him to his hotel room, where their passion ignited and they professed their love for one another.

Unfortunately, Sam tracked her mother's cell phone and showed up with the police who arrested her father.

Julian covered for his wife by saying he kidnapped her. Yesterday, at the police station Alexis set the record straight because she loves her man. The charges against Julian Jerome are many. There does not seem to be any chance that he will be released. These star crossed lovers need a miracle, in order to turn their tragedy into triumph. A miracle that can only happen on "General Hospital," and in Port Charles: one that brings the lawyer and her mobster back together and reunites the entire family.