Jensen Ackles has been a part of the "Supernatural" family for years, almost 13 to be exact, and after all that time he finally managed to choose a favorite. Unlike Jared Padalecki, who picked his favorite episode, due to the fact he had his wife, Genevieve, portraying her actual self; Danieel Ackles although has co-starred with Jensen Ackles in a previous film, she has not played a role in the TV series "Supernatural." So in his choice, he was based on the actual storyline and why it affected the show as a whole that drastically. The episode we are discussing is "Death's Door," the tenth episode of season 7.

Why is it an amazing episode?

Season 7, according to the fans and most of the critics, was not the high point in "Supernatural," due to the Leviathans being neither convincing nor scary to the audience. So, to have bobby singer, the adoptive father of the Winchesters die in such an abrupt manner, was too much to handle for Sam, Dean, and the audience as well. The episodes start when Sam notices a hole in Bobby's hat, thus indicating that he has been hit. After taken to the hospital, the episode continues with a series of Bobby's greatest moments of his life, both amazing and devastating. During the scenes we see him battling the Reaper, and dealing with difficult memories such as the abuse from his father, or the death of his wife.

The plot of the episode

We see Bobby in a close approach, as never seen before. The audience learns all the difficulties he has faced and over-passed, and why he can be considered as a real father of the Winchesters. In his final moments before being taken away, Bobby opens his eyes one more time. As Sam takes his hand and thanks him for everything, Bobby writes something on Sam's hand, calls them "idjits" one last time, and then flat lines.

Immediately Bobby finds himself back at the house, where the Reaper congratulates him for managing to wake up one last time. He then explains that outside is dark due to everything in his brain being almost destroyed by the bullet. In his final moments, Bobby finds himself in his favorite memory of all, hanging around with Sam and Dean, eating sandwiches and drinking beer.

The Reaper repeats to Bobby to make the right choice, and although it may seem difficult, he should move on. He thinks for a bit, says that he is glad the best memory was saved for last. Lastly, as this memory fades away too, the Reaper asks Bobby one last time if he will go to the other side, or stay.

This is considered to be one of the best episodes of the series, and it is natural for Jensen Ackles to have it as one of its favorites.