Troye Sivan started out his career on YouTube. He became a well-liked member of the community and gained millions of fans. It was always the Australian's dream to be a singer. He has since signed a record label and begun his music career in earnest. Troye is an advocate for LGBTQ+ youth all over the world and as such he has several loyal fans. The star recently took to Twitter to recount a terrifying story of an obsessed Fan coming to his AirBnB and trying to make contact with the singer. Troye ignored the fan's knocks on the door but come morning the singer noticed notes outside left by the fan.

The content of these notes was of a disturbing nature and this prompted Troye to leave the premises immediately.

The star took to Twitter

Troye Sivan took to Twitter to tell fans about the strange experience he had staying an Airbnb. According to Unicorn Booty, Troye Sivan initiated the conversation with his fans online asking them if they wanted to hear a scary story. He then went on to recount the strange situation he found himself in when staying at an Airbnb. The singer stated that he was outside waiting for a takeaway when the next door neighbor, who was also outside, was staring at him intensely.

This stare down persisted for about five minutes before Troye was able to collect his food and disappear inside his accommodation.The singer then stated that at about 11.30 that night he heard someone knocking on the door to the premises.

Thinking he was dreaming Troye didn't think anything of it. However, the doorbell then started ringing urgently. Again, the singer did nothing but come the morning Troye found notes outside the door left by an obsessed fan.

The note that the singer received

Troye Sivan has since posted pictures of the notes to his Twitter account.

He stated that the notes were thrown all over the ground outside the door of his Airbnb. As if that wasn't scary enough the content of the notes were enough to make the singer leave his Airbnb and find another place to stay. According to AOL, the notes were a kind of love letter to Troye Sivan. The notes spanned over both sides of the pages and are full of disturbing claims made by the fan.

The fan states that his name is Danny and he leaves his number for Troye. Danny reveals that he is gay and that he wants to Troye to call him. The fan then goes on to say that he has seen the singer around a lot and asks Troye if he has noticed Danny. This appears to be a similar case to Kendall Jenner as the fans then says that he is in love with Troye.

The singer simply left a series of question marks above the postings on Twitter. It is clear that Troye was very disturbed by the notes. He felt like his safety at the Airbnb had been compromised and as such he left immediately. Seeing as the notes had been left the night prior to their discovery one could assume that Danny was still in the area.

Troye's decision to share this experience with his fans on Twitter is a questionable one. If Danny truly is an obsessed fan Troye's recognition of his efforts might fuel the fan to make contact again.