Hilary Duff was reportedly a victim of home burglars which just happened last week. Her Los Angeles' home was believed to be burglarized, and some of her valuable stuff was all stolen from her place. A report from Gossip has revealed that around hundreds of dollars-worth of jewelry were taken from her during that incident. It was also believed that Duff was currently on vacation with her son when the burglar has got in her place.

Vacation with family

To recall, Duff has flown to Canada for a simple vacation with her family. A report came in on Wednesday that numbers of theft has broken down her door and got inside her home.

The culprit immediately got their access towards the actress’ jewelry and quickly took them off as they left. According to Gossip, it was not yet clear whether or not Duff was the main target of the burglars since she wasn't home during that day of the incident.

Meanwhile, the law enforcers are still doing their best as they deeply investigate for the real motives of the thieves. As per the report, Duff was not the only celebrity personalities who have been a victim of burglars. However, the authorities haven't linked such incident yet to what had recently happened to the actress. Nevertheless, crimes and robberies like these were already believed to be part of the city of Los Angeles. Some other celebrity victims already include Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, and Cesar Milan.

Upsetting situation

Amid what happened, the "Younger" star immediately shared what she felt on her social media. She didn't expect that her enjoyable trip with her son would turn out as disastrous as what happened.

Duff added that she felt really scared and upset of what happened.

Nevertheless, she was still a lot thankful considering that her entire family is safe including her staff and pets at home. A representative of Duff has also shared to E! News on her behalf, and it was known that the actress now has her security team into her house.

She will also make sure that this security team will work closely together with the Los Angeles law enforcers to track down the thieves as soon as possible.

As she moved forward from the incident, Duff will make sure that she will tighten the security measures on her home. Meanwhile, another report from the authorities had confirmed that the security alarm didn't make any sound at all when the burglars invaded her house. As such, this could be another factor that will help the law enforcers with their investigation.