Although the TV show "Supernatural" will be entering its 13th season, and hopefully it will still go on, the actor Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester, has chosen his favorite episode among hundreds of them. Jared has said that his favorite episode was "The French Mistake," which was the 15th episode of the 6th season. The main plot of the episode was to protect the Winchester boys from a surprise attack from Raphael, Balthazar sent them both into an alternate universe (which is the world where we live and exist), where their whole existence was packed within a TV Show.

The plot of the episode

The fans of the "Supernatural" show were pretty excited to see Sam and Dean Winchester in the "real world" where they found out their lives were being broadcast on national television. Upon their arrival, they were surprised to find out about the lives of the actors that play their characters, and how different they are from the life of a hunter. As Sam and Dean were snooping through the trailer of Jensen Ackles and the house of Jared Padalecki the episode was packed with priceless moments and funny revelations. For example, Dean was horrified to learn that Jensen Ackles is a soap opera star that wears tons of make up on a daily basis. Afterwards, they met with "Castiel" or rather, the actor Misha Collins, who plays that character, and after discovering what needed to be done to back to their own reality, they headed to Jared's house.

His house turned out to be an majestic mansion with a tanning bed and an alpaca in the backyard.

Why was this episode Jared's favorite?

The reason this episode is Jared Padaleki's favorite episode, is due to the sudden appearance of his wife Genevieve Padalecki. The couple met in the fourth season of the show, and after a while started to date.

They married a year later and are now the parents of three children, Tom, Shep and Odette. The surprise in that particular episode, for Sam and Dean Winchester was to discover that the actor Jared Padalecki had married "fake Ruby." Genevieve was a recurring character throughout season 4, and played the demon Ruby, who at first seemed to be in love with Sam Winchester, but after a major plot twist, it turned out she did all of that out of loyalty towards Lucifer.

In the finale of season 4, she was murdered by Sam Winchester himself, but the demon had caught the actor's heart after all. It figures that it would be amazing for him, to see his wife on the show one last time, playing none other than the love of his life.