As the first grandchild born into the "Sister Wives" family, baby Axel is surely enjoying his grandmas' attention. Axel is, biologically, Kody Brown and second wife Janelle's grandchild through their eldest daughter maddie brown Brush. But being in a polygamous family means that he has more than one grandmother on his mother's side. In fact, Kody's four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn all get equal grandma time with Baby Axel.

Kody's sister wives love being grandmas

In a recent Twitter post, Janelle shared a photo of her sister wife Christine Brown carrying Axel using a baby carrier.

Their grandson was sleeping soundly while his grandma Christine happily beamed for the camera.

Christine isn't the only sister wife who loves being a grandma to Baby Axel. Kody's fourth and legal wife Robyn gushed about Axel's birth on Twitter and expressed her love for the "little guy."

Likewise, first wife Meri also took to social media to congratulate Maddie and her husband Caleb. When "Sister Wives" first announced Maddie's pregnancy back in November last year, Meri wrote on Instagram that she's very excited to be a grandparent. "Omg we're gonna be grandparents!!

So excited! I love this girl Madison and her fabulous husband Caleb," Meri stated.

Baby Axel was born last May 20. In a video for TLC, Kody and Janelle revealed that Maddie gave birth at home, surrounded by the family. Janelle also shared that her sister wives have already been thinking of what the baby will call them when he starts to talk.

Will Baby Axel star in a 'Sister Wives' spin-off?

While TLC has been giving regular updates on Kody Brown's family, the network has not yet confirmed if "Sister Wives" will be getting a new season. There are talks that the reality show will instead be given a spin-off, which will feature Maddie Brown and her husband Caleb Brush.

If the rumors are true, their reality show will most likely focus on their adventures as a couple and first-time parents to Baby Axel. Kody Brown and his wives will probably appear from time to time, and it will be interesting to see how Axel interacts with his grandpa and four grandmas.

Maddie and Caleb got married in June last year. Their beautiful outdoor ceremony was featured on "Sister Wives." Despite growing up in a polygamous family, Maddie revealed in a previous tell-all special episode that she is "not one to live a plural marriage" and her marriage will be a monogamous one.