Being a dad comes with its perks and difficulties; however, when it comes to Jared Padalecki, he has to juggle being a father of three, and a lead actor on the TV Show "Supernatural." After the birth of his daughter, Odette Elliot Padalecki, he had to re-learn how to be a father, and adjusted to the idea, that he might have to ward boys off her with a stick.The "Supernatural" couple Jared and Genevieve Padalecki had their daughter back in March, and have shared some of their experiences so far.

Having a daughter, according to Jared, means having to adopt to another style of parenting.

Having been accustomed to boys, and their sometimes reckless and boyish behavior, he now has to deal with a completely different situation. And as any parent, he stated that "She's perfect already, and it would be great if she stays that way."

Adjustments to family life

At these moments, the nine weeks old Odette is calm, sweet, and sleepy. Also, the couple has had to deal with introducing the baby girl to the already formed boy band and make sure that the boys would feel nothing, but happiness due to her presence. Although Jared is always dealing with a hectic work schedule, he always makes time for his family. To him, not only family is a priority, but learning lines and all that becomes simply not important.

His family's well-being is above all. Furthermore with mischievous kids, as kids usually are at such an age, boredom could never be a matter of question.

And as many parents learn during parenthood, plans do not always work out. Being flexible is a key quality because kids do not care about before hand prepared and convenient plans.

Being a parent means understanding that although things might turn out differently from one's expectations, things are still okay.

Being Odette's father

What Jared Padalecki was not prepared for, were the excessive feelings of nervousness. Although every parent is anxious before, after, during (parents are always nervous) the arrival of a child, Jared mentioned that these feelings were more intense than when he was expecting his two boys, Thomas and Shep.

However, it was the happiness he saw all around, and his supportive wife Genvieve, that gave the nervous father all the courage he needed.

One of the statements that surprised everybody was Jared's quote: "Having a daughter makes me feel vulnerable." Despite, him being a 6'4'' foot tall giant, that has played a legendary hunter for 12 (about to become 13) years on his TV Show "Supernatural," a baby coming along the way, became his eternal soft spot.