Spoilers for “ShadowhuntersSeason 2 Episode 17, titled “A Dark Reflection,” have been revealed. Fans can expect more intense episode that highlight Clary (played by Katherine McNamara) as she struggles with her brother, Jonathan (played by Elias Toufexis), who is now becoming more evil.

What does the synopsis reveal?

Episode 17 will feature Clary getting stressed out with his brother, Jonathan. The latter is still out there, freely hanging around, creating more disasters. The fact that he is still freely doing more evil works will really make his sister anxious on how she could stop him.

According to a synopsis posted by Cartermatt, Clary will struggle with the thought that her brother has become more evil. Fans of “Shadowhunters” can expect Jonathan to hunt down "the mortal mirror for Valentine’s use.”

In another report by IMDB, the episode description also reveals the storyline for Maia (played by Alisha Wainwright) and Simon (played by Alberto Rosende). In the upcoming episode, it will not just be Clary who will be struggling, but Maia as well. However, Maia’s struggles will be different as it will be more about her feelings for Simon.

Additional hints from the official trailer

Meanwhile, the trailer for the upcoming episode 17 of “Shadowhunters” season 2 has just been published on YouTube.

It provides more inputs to further define the synopsis.

The clip reveals that the team will learn that Jonathan is out hunting down the final mortal instrument. To make things more complicated, it will turn out to be a big surprise for the team to know that the latter is the brother of Clary.

The plot grows more intense when Clary finds out what the team plans to do in response to her brother’s scheme.

Unfortunately, they will have no choice but to kill Jonathan in the process.

Will Jonathan find his demise in episode 17?

The fact that the team will opt to kill Jonathan will further put the "Shadowhunter" daughter in a difficult situation. Will Jonathan ultimately find his demise in this episode? Will Clary help her brother or will she just allow the team to kill him?

In the clip, fans will notice the phrase “Blood is forever” — it seems to highlight what might transpire in the next episode. Does it mean Clary will protect his brother?

Meanwhile, the description posted in the same report of IMDB for episode 18 hints that Jonathan will still be alive. The post reveals that the shadowhunters will still be hunting him.

Shadowhuntersseason 2 episode 17 titled “A Dark Reflection” will air on Monday, July 24 on Freeform.