"Pretty Little Liars" has only just finished but fans are already looking for news about a potential spin-off. I. Marlene King has previously shared that there may be spin-offs in the works, but that she couldn't share anymore. It turns out that the spin-off may actually be another Sara Shepard novel, "The Perfectionists." Would you like to see a "PLL" spin-off hit Freeform?

What Is 'The Perfectionists'?

It's unclear whether the book "The Perfectionists" is actually set in the same universe as "Pretty Little Liars," but there is a high chance that a TV show adaptation of it will be.

The series is about five friends who have very little in common. One thing they do have in common is a dislike of one person in particular: Nolan. They plot his joke death together, only to find out that the character dies in the same way they planned.

The five girls end up in a race against time, as they try to figure out who the real killer is before their own perfect lives crash down around them. Of course, there are twists and turns along the way, as they try to unravel the truth.

It certainly sounds very similar to "Pretty Little Liars." King would have plenty of time to create red herrings and drop clues here and there. However, would this have the same following as the Liars did for seven years?

Sasha Pieterse would 'never say never' to a spin-off

While Ali isn't mentioned in the potential spin-off series, that doesn't mean the character wouldn't show up. Sasha Pieterse has said that she would "never say never" to the idea of a spin-off or reboot of the series. With the way that the "PLL" series finale ended, it would be possible to create a spin-off based on "The Perfectionists" with the "PLL"-type characters seen.

Ali and Emily could both appear as the teachers of these young students.

Rather than Nolan, the victim could be Addison, who vanished at the very end of the series. This would create a similar feel to "Pretty Little Liars" with a very different premise of murder and intrigue. Of course, there could be a male that is killed and Addison becomes the main suspect among her friends.

Or this could have just been an ending to bring "PLL" full circle.

Would you watch a "PLL" spin-off? Would "The Perfectionists" make a good tale to continue the world of Rosewood? Granted, the novel is set in a different city, but locations can change for the TV show. After all, it wasn't like King stuck to the main concepts of the "PLL" story in the first place.