On 'The Young and the Restless," Victor Newman hired Dr. Harris to look out for Chloe. He became so fond of her he thought she could replace his deceased daughter Maggie. The good Doc rigged Kevin's car with explosives believing he would die, but Kevin survived and returned. The two men began to fight and Kevin got the best of Dr. Harris. He tied him up the took his car and escaped with Chloe.

Dr. Harris crossed the line

The good Doc had always been above board and professional. On Victor Newman's orders, he gave Chloe a drug that made it appear that she was dead. They allowed her family to believe she had taken her own life but Kevin was there when Chloe emerged from her coffin.

Kevin me with Chloe and she gave him details about where she was staying. Kevin left Bella with Chloe's mom and said he was headed to Tahiti for a getaway.

All this time Kevin has been staying with Chloe and Dr. Haris trying to figure out a way to get away from him. Now the good Doc is all tied up and Kevin and Chloe are fleeing in his vehicle. If he gets loose Dr. Harris cannot tell anyone what has transpired. He would be in trouble for helping Chloe fake her death and for trying to kill Kevin. The doctor will also have to incur the wrath of Victor Newman.

Kevin Fisher's character is about to be written out of "The Young and the Restless." Fans have been wondering for a while if he would reunite with Choe before his exit. Now the two have left Doc behind and are probably on the way to find Bella.

Their daughter is living with Chloe's mother Esther but will she allow her family to disappear with parts unknown. Perhaps Esther will go with them as she is not a regular on the show. Spoiler alerts do not yet indicate details about how Kevin will make his final departure.

Will Kevin tie up loose ends

There are a lot of people who love Kevin and who would want to say goodbye.

Paul deserves to know what is going on as do Gloria, Michael, and Lauren. Because of the extreme nature of the situation, It's possible Chloe and her spouse may leave town without Kevin telling his mother, brother, and sister in law. Time is running out so Kevin needs to get things in order to leave Genoa City.

Someone will have to provide finances as neither Kevin nor Chloe has the financial resources to pull this off alone.

There is only one man who can fully help the Fishers and that is Victor Newman. He may help them just to be rid of Chloe and to make sure she never tells anyone his part in all of this drama. Fans of "The Young and the Restless" should get ready for the Fishers last days to be filled with drama and excitement.

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