After the identity of A was revealed in "Pretty Little Liars" season 6A, fans thought the long drawn-out mysteries would be over. Instead, they were introduced to a new player to torture the Liars: A.D. The identity of this mysterious person was revealed in the series finale on June 27. Just who was A.D. after all this time?

If you couldn't guess from the title, there are spoilers in this!

Yes, Spencer did have a twin

One of the big reveals of the night was that Spencer wasn't an only child of Mary Drake and Mr. Hastings. She was a twin. More importantly, like her birth mother, she was an identical twin.

While Mr. Hastings took Spencer, the identical twin was given to a rich family in London and later sent to an orphanage. It shouldn't be that surprising to learn that this twin was called Alex Drake. Now the initials A.D. make sense.

Many fans had guessed that Spencer would be a twin. The theory was plausible, since twins are more likely to give birth to twins (and other multiple pregnancies). However, this Alex Drake hadn't appeared at all throughout the season, so the idea that this twin was actually A.D. did come as a bit of a surprise.

Wren was involved as people suspected

Those who thought Wren was A.D., don't fear! Your "Pretty Little Liars" theory is somewhat right. Wren may not have been the person behind the texts, but was involved.

He had met Alex in London, initially thinking that she was Spencer. He then shared the truth about this family in America, and managed to put Alex in contact with Charlotte (ie. Cece Drake).

As Charlotte was the only family Alex knew, Alex took things hard when she learned of Charlotte's death. This is why she was so focused on finding out who killed her half-sister.

But tormenting Mona wasn't enough, and she picked up where Charlotte had left off and started torturing the Liars. Rather than killing any of them, she wanted to become part of the group and replace Spencer.

It was an exciting few years. "Pretty Little Liars" sent us through many emotions, on a journey to discover the person attacking our favorite characters.

Part of it did seem like a cheap shot by introducing a twin that we had no idea about until the series finale, but it sort of worked. At least we got to know that suspicions about Wren were good. He was involved, but unfortunately he didn't make it out alive to tell his full tale.

What did you think about the "Pretty Little Liars" series finale? Did it wrap in a way you'd hoped or do you wish there was more to the story of A.D.?