Novel adaptations have been good for TV shows in recent years, especially when it comes to the young adult category. "Pretty Little Liars" just finished after seven seasons, originally based on the novel series of the same name by Sara Shepard. Fans now want to know if there will be a spin-off and are turning to Shepard's other novels to determine if there are any clues. While many fans suspect that "The Perfectionists" will be next, there is a chance that "The Heiresses" will be I. Marlene King's next series adaptation.

Rich girls threatened by a mysterious person

Like "Pretty Little Liars," "The Heiresses" involves a masked villain stalking a bunch of young girls. These particular girls are all rich and from the same family. It turns out that the death of one family member may not have been the suicide that it initially looked like. There could be a killer out there, and this potential killer is now after one of the other heiresses in the family.

The whole idea screams "Pretty Little Liars." There would certainly be mystery and fear with the ominous shadow in the background. There would be an opportunity for texts, messages, and possibly that black hoodie again.

'The Heiresses' in development with Bravo

According to some reports, "The Heiresses" has been a planned series for Bravo.

However, the series still hasn't gotten the green light, and it could be time to move it elsewhere. Is it possible that King will pick up the series and find a writer now that her beloved "PLL" is over?

This would depend on the chances of another Shepard series getting picked up. "The Perfectionists" is slated to be the "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off to watch.

The series about a group of high school kids seeking the identity of a murderer before their perfect lives crumble around them was allegedly picked up by The CW in 2014. There wasn't a writer at first, but the idea for the series doesn't seem to have gone anywhere. There certainly won't be much room for The CW to pick up another show before fall 2018.

King reportedly has an idea for a "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off, but so far nothing has materialized. Fans believe that the clip at the very end of the series finale links to the spin-off idea, setting up a very similar storyline. Only time will tell if there is going to be a "Liars" spin-off or if it's just too soon. "The Heiresses" may have a stronger premise for a spin-off if one is in the works, especially since it feels more like "PLL" than "The Perfectionists."