Game of ThronesSeason 7 may see Sansa Stark take a dark turn after all that she has been through. Sophie Turner teased this possibility when asked about her character’s fate in the installment.

Sophie Turner talks Sansa’s dark transformation

It would not be a surprise if Sansa takes a dark path in Season 7 after all the terrible things that happened to her. She was forced into a brutal marriage and witnessed her father’s death. She suffered shame and resentment, although all these time she held her head high. She never buckled nor showed any weakness as long as it meant preserving the Stark name.

These experiences certainly helped shape her transformation into a different person. Turner said that Sansa Stark becomes “strong and steely.” However, does this mean she eventually also turns evil? “Whether that means going a bit dark… you’ll have to see,” Turner told the Express.

Who is to blame if Sansa Stark does turn evil?

A few names may come to mind on who is to blame if the eldest of the Stark sisters was to take a dark path in “Game of Thrones” Season 7. The obvious one would be Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger. The past seasons saw him manipulate Sansa to do his bidding for selfish reasons. He made her marry Ramsay Bolton and lied his way to earn her trust.

However, this will all change in the upcoming season when she starts to gain control over Littlefinger.

Turner said in a previous interview that this time Sansa has an edge over Petyr Baelish because of the things she knows about him. She can easily ask Jon Snow to execute him for his betrayal now that the latter is the new King of the North. Sansa knows that Littlefinger has to be loyal to her now or else he risks destroying his reputation if ever his dark secrets come out in the public.

Will Jon Snow lead Sansa to a dark path?

Turner addressed theories that Sansa and his brother would be at odds with each other in Season 7. This supposedly comes after the people voted Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) as King of the North. Sansa feels that she deserves the throne after she helped Jon in the Battle of the Bastards. It was her quick thinking and alliance with Littlefinger that helped him win the battle.

The actress confirmed that there is “a little bit of jealousy there” since Sansa feels that she deserves to be Queen of the North. However, Turner said that Sansa is not really after Jon Snow’s crown in “Game of Thrones” Season 7. “All she wants is the respect of her brother, and she feels like she’s not getting that.”