On Thursday night's live episode of "Big Brother" season 19 (BB19), it was time again to evict another house guest. Up on the block this week was Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper. Last week, Jessica's showmance partner, Cody Nickson was sent packing from the "Big Brother" house. This week, by a vote of 10-0, Dominique was evicted.

The latest evictee

Dominique Cooper is a government engineer living in Woodbridge, VA. The 30-year-old said her strategy while in the "Big Brother" house was to be friendly and maintain integrity, and to always be watchful.

She also wanted to remain neutral during the game, but this strategy obviously didn't work out for her.

In her exit interview with host Julie Chen, Dominique said that if she could do anything differently in the house, she would have been quiet. After that admission, Julie shared with her the good news about the upcoming Battle Back competition. After that, the host welcomed back to the stage all four of the evictees.

It was 28-year-old Alex Ow who was the Head of Household and put Jessica and Dominique up on the block for eviction. The rodeo clown, Jason Dent, won the Power of Veto but he chose not to use it, leaving the nominations the same. With that, came the unanimous vote to send Dominique out of the BB19 house.

Battle Back this Friday

On Friday, July 21, a special episode of "Big Brother" will air on CBS at 8/7c. The special episode is a Battle Back episode in which the evicted houseguests will compete to get back into the "Big Brother" house. The houseguests who will be competing in the Battle Back comp will be Cameron Heard, Jillian Parker, Cody Nickson, and Dominique Cooper.

All four of them will be fighting tooth and nail to get back into the house and start working again for the $500,000 grand prize and title of BB19 champion.

There was no Head of Household (HOH) competition on Thursday's episode. Instead, the Head of Household competition will take place on Sunday's episode. Another notable happening in Thursday's episode is that Jessica Graf was chosen by America to receive the temptation in the Den of Temptation.

The temptation that Jessica chose to accept is the Halting Hex. With this hex, Jessica can stop one of the next four evictions, but she has to share the plan with the other houseguests before the vote takes place.

After Friday's special episode, the next episode of "Big Brother" will air on CBS on Sunday, July 23 at 8/7c.