julie chen announced to Cody Nickson last week when he was evicted that "Big Brother" is featuring its Battle Back episode next Friday night on July 21 at 8 p.m. Many viewers don't like that particular event. They believe that once houseguests are voted out of the house, they should stay out. To bring them back in would change the dynamics of the game. Fans are reminded to watch this special episode on CBS because it is not a regularly scheduled episode of "Big Brother."

What is Battle Back?

There will be a competition among the four evicted houseguests.

So far, they are Cameron who was evicted the first night in the house. Then there was Jullian who says she was blindsided. Last week Cody was evicted. The fourth person will be the next person who will be evicted this week. They will face off to see who will get the chance to return to the Big Brother house.

Julie always says to expect the unexpected. Therefore, no one knows exactly how the Battle Back competition will go. What viewers do know is that last season the first person evicted paired up with the second. The winner faced off with the third person and that winner will go against the fourth person. It appeared to be more challenging for the first person to win than the last person who was evicted.

As of now, no one knows who the fourth person will be. Besides, there just might be another twist before Friday night. Julie did tease that the remaining houseguests might get the chance to stop someone from returning to the house.

What to expect

As of now, several things must happen before the Battle Back episode. When the show ended last Thursday night, the houseguests were in competition for the endurance challenge.

It is over and people who have seen the live feed know who won it and became the next Head of Household. That will be seen during a regular episode. Then there needs to be another eviction for the fourth people to compete in the Battle Back competition.

Last week, people suspected it would be Cody who was going to be eliminated, but this week is anybody's guess.

From what people are saying on social media, it might be Ramses. Because he did not keep his word last week, Paul said he didn't deserve to play the game any longer. Others might be of the same opinion.

What do you think about the Battle Back feature? Who do you want to be evicted next? Who do you want to return to the house? The general consensus is that fans don't want Cody to return.