This nine-year-old is already a worldwide inspiration to those who've been lucky enough to cross her path. Many have already seen Angelica's extraordinary performances this year on America's got talent, which is now in season 12. Performances like the one this Filipino-American put on last night during week one of judge cuts is why the show is on the cusp of being the most viewed season in five years. Most people have taken notice of the singing sensation's unmatched stage presence and her original, incomparable vocals, including the #AGT judges and last night's guest judge Chris Hardwick.

However, many may not understand the true rollercoaster ride of life this little girl has been on.

The beginning

Angelica Hale most certainly has a unique perspective on life as she has faced trials and tribulations which started even before she made it to Kindergarten. At only four years old, she developed double pneumonia stemming from a bacterial infection in her lungs, resulting in the destruction of her kidneys and wreaking havoc on her body. "Her blood plasma was polluted, and her lungs were just ravaged," Angelica's dad said, according to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. "It was Earth shattering. We were rocked."

She was transferred from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to the home of one of America's few southeast ECMO centers, Egleston Hospital.

Immediately, she was put on ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) life-support to provide enough cardiac and respiratory support to sustain life. Angela spent two weeks on ECMO, several more weeks in ICU, and 80 days in the hospital in total. Finally, after three months of fighting for her life, she was able to go back to the care of her parents, James and Eva.

The transplant

For the next year and a half, Angelica would be on dialysis to filter pollutants from her blood. Her lung had lost close to half its functionality. Once stable enough, she was able to have lung surgery to repair her lung, which resulted in hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). Unfortunately, her kidneys were barely working from the aftermath of HUS.

Her family spent several months to no avail trying to find a match to perform a kidney transplant. At up to this point, Angelica was on the brink of total desperation.

Finally, after a long period of much frustration and sadness, Angelica and her parents found hope when her mother Eva was found to be a perfect match for a kidney transplant. On Friday, September 13, 2013, Eva granted a wish to all who were rooting for Angela and all who loved her by providing her a kidney. To most, Friday the 13 is a day of horror but to Angelica, it's a day of transformation, persistence, vanquish, and triumph.

Her life today

Angelica spends her days influencing others through fundraisers supporting children's hospitals across America, including the very one that kept her alive, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Just last night, she was awarded the golden buzzer by AGT guest judge Chris Hardwick, host of NBC's 'The Wall.'

Following what could've been a life-ending tragedy, Angelica started to pursue her dream of singing. With the start-up support from her parents to provide her singing lessons, she has turned those first experiences into brilliance today. Her overly confident adorable attitude and mind-blowing voice are truly jaw-dropping. She continues to exceed expectations and proves to be a frontrunner in this season of America's Got Talent.

Angelica Hale most certainly proves the saying "age is just a number."