On July 18, EXO kicked off their comeback with the release of their fourth album, "The War" and their music videos of "Ko Ko Bop." The group has just started performing their new songs on various music shows but the members have already hinted that their recent comeback is actually just the beginning of what they have planned for the year.

EXO opens up on how they worked on their new album

SM Entertainment already revealed that members Chen, Park Chanyeol, and Byun Baekhyun worked on the lyrics of the group’s new main track, “Ko Ko Bop.” The members recently added that they were more involved with the making of the new album.

They shared that everyone pitched in their ideas and worked on the lyrics of the nine new songs. They revealed that they took their time listening to each track, pointing out parts they believed needed improvements and more.

Aside from “Ko Ko Bop,” Chen personally wrote the lyrics of their new song, “Touch It,” which depicts the struggles of a man when he encounters the girl he likes. Chanyeol, on the other hand, wrote the lyrics of “Chill” and even directed the rap segment of the song.

They also revealed that they personally took the pictures they used for the album booklet and most of the photos were taken by the group’s leader, Suho. The members fondly recalled how they worked on their music video, bringing along a camera so they can take random shots.

EXO gearing up for a repackaged album

It hasn’t been a week since SM Entertainment released EXO’s latest full album and the members are already dropping hints that there is actually another album on the way. Prior to their official comeback, the members had a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live and they teased various audio clips they claimed were from their new album.

They were also spouting random details that some of the songs they were teasing might be part of their repackaged album. Fans took it with a grain of salt since there was no official announcement about a repackaged album at that time.

However, the members finally confirmed this when they appeared on a live episode of the show called “Eating Show – Let’s Eat Together!” The boys were talking about their current album, “The War” and member Baekhyun divulged that they are already working on a repackaged album.

Baekhyun pointed out that there was no reason to hide the fact that they are preparing another album. He explained that their new title song, “Ko Ko Bop” was just the tip of the iceberg and promised fans that something bigger and better awaits them.