Steven Mofatt, the "Doctor Who" showrunner, has denied about the controversy which happened due to the selection of the female doctor actress Jodie Whittaker during the recent Comic Con held in San Diego. In a report from Entertainment Tonight, Mofatt, the departing showrunner, has denied that the issues which surfaced online were not true. He added in his statement that some people only wanted to pretend that something wrong is happening within the show. Hence, he wished that every journalist who made such false news would stop doing what they are doing.

Complaints against the casting

It has been reported recently that the show got some backlash online over the female doctor casting through Whittaker. In line with this controversy, BBC One has published a response to all false news online and has set the record straight. On their statements, it has been emphasized that the entire "Doctor Who" production has been looking for fresh ideas that they could make use for the show.

Hence, choosing Whittaker for the female doctor casting is something that the producers and writers have agreed about. Further, it was also reported that the doctor whom will portray the character role is also one of the main secrets of the longevity and success of the show.

Hence, the BBC One has seen nothing wrong about having Whittaker on the cast list of the series. As the statement continued, the network further explained that the concept of the doctor on the show has steadily been evolving from time to time.

Thirteenth doctor

Amid the casting controversy of the "Doctor Who" series, the entire production, writers, and actors have helped each other to shut down all haters online.

They believed that they only wanted what is best for the show and to deliver the best series to its audience. Meanwhile, it was also known that "Doctor Who" just debuted the two world premiere videos for their fans to watch on.

Apparently, Whittaker will be soon introduced as the thirteenth doctor for the series. Karen Gillan, one of the series alum, has also defended the show over the casting issues.

She added that "Star Trek: Voyager" also had a female captain; nevertheless, the show still was able to nail it. Hence, it is safe to say that the show's production has the confidence that the thirteenth female doctor will also create an impact on its viewers. Further, it is also believed that Whittaker, being the new doctor, will take over the show by 2018.