Hey, "Doctor Who" fans. Sadly, we have reached the end of the season 10 journey. It sounds like it's going to go out with a bang though. Some cybermen will rise up against a defenseless group of people. This will prompt the Doctor and company to take action against this injustice in the upcoming season finale episode 12. We were able to collect this spoiler information from BBC ONE's official site, Spoiler TV, and TV Guide.

'The Doctor Falls'

We're going to go ahead and start this session off by telling you what the producers decided to name this last episode.

They maned it, "The Doctor Falls." According to BBC ONE's official plot summary, we're going to see a new location that features a group of humans who will apparently have no way of defending themselves. This is very bad news as it's revealed that they will be the target of a vicious destruction plot that has been put together by an army of Cybermen!

Why are the Cybermen going after these humans? Will they succeed with their evil plan? Those are the big questions for this plotline. The one thing that we know for sure is that they will provide a lot of drama to close out the season.

They are Mondasian

Spoiler TV was able to provide some additional info about the Cybermen. Apparently, they will be Mondasian.

They haven't been spotted on this show for over 50 years, according to Telegraph UK. The backstory on them is they originated on the planet Mondas which is a fictional twin planet of Earth. It went spiraling out of Earth's solar system after a major catastrophe struck it.

Afterwards, they feared the distinction of their race.

In light of that, they started modifying and replacing certain parts of their bodies. This led to the core removal of their emotions which caused them to seek out and kill anything or anyone that even appeared to be a threat to them. They also tried to convert other life-forms to their race.

Protect the humans

Continuing on with the official description, the Doctor will show up at whatever location this is to make a final stand against the twisted Cybermen in an effort to protect the humans they are targeting.

What will the Doctor's defense plan be? Will it be successful? For obvious reasons, BBC ONE didn't give away that important intel. It certainly sounds like this part of the storyline will offer us some very intense and action-filled scenes though. It's highly possible that we could see a glimpse of some of this footage in the new episode 12 preview clip later on tonight after episode 11 wraps up. So, be sure to look out for that one.

The Master and Missy will be in it, too

Guest characters Missy and the Master will also make an appearance in this episode. Some production credits reveal that it was written by Steven Moffat and that Rachel Talalay directed the episode. We can also confirm that it is scheduled to hit the airwaves on Saturday, July 1 at 6:30 p.m. on BBC ONE. Stay tuned.