Christina Aguilera, the pretty mom, was spotted taking her kids out for a movie date as they watched the recent "The Emoji" Movie Premiere on Sunday. The singer was seen in all smiles as she stepped out in public. She was indeed happy spending her time with her sweet family. A report from Entertainment Tonight has shared that the singer, together with her partner Matthew Rutler, spent the red carpet movie premiere with their kids, Max and Summer, at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood. The entire family looked a lot cuter during their movie date.

Adorable children

At the height of her successful career, most of the fans of Aguilera were happy as they learned about her happy family and adorable children. It has been a while since the singer has released her new single. Nevertheless, it is good to know that she has been doing well with her life together with her family. As they spent their movie date together, the mother of two has made sure to dress her children well.

Both were seen on their rocking outfits while at the same time, Max and Summer were looking all excited for "The Emoji" movie premiere. Aguilera's son was seen in all smiles while the 2-year old Summer sported her shirt with a huge print of a winking emoji. Meanwhile, the singer was also seen showing a lot of love through her heart-shaped eyeglasses.

On the other hand, Rutler, her husband, sported a simple black shirt, pants, and sneakers. Aguilera has completed her gorgeous look as she sported her Gianvito Rossi high heels.

'Just Dance' app

Apart from Aguilera's family, a lot were also excited as "The Emoji" movie has been finally released on the big screen. Apparently, the movie talked about a 36-year old mother who has two voices.

She also portrayed the animated dancer who is known as Akiko Glitter who only lived inside the "Just Dance" application.

"The Emoji" movie is also slated to hit numbers of theaters by July 28 and it is one of the most anticipated animated comedy films to be aired this month.

Aguilera's children looked very eager to finally see the movie on theater. They also posed for a family picture and all their followers simply couldn't help but admire the kind of family they have.

Time and again, the sexy singer has proven the world that she almost hasn't aged at all. She still continued to look fit despite becoming a mother of two. Meanwhile, as the movie premiere continued, the event was also attended by other personalities and they also had posed at the red carpet event.