The sequel for Disney's hit original movie, "Descendants," premiered last night and was simulcast on six different networks - Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney ABC-Siblings ABC, Freeform, Lifetime and Lifetime Movies. According to Deadline, the premiere of "Descendants 2" amassed a whopping 13 million viewers across all the six channels, which is really impressive considering that the figures doubled the number of viewers during the premiere of the first movie. However, it is worth noting that the first movie was only aired on one channel so comparing the viewership of the first movie and the sequel might not be fair.

The "Descendants" franchise was a surprise hit and was considered to be an experimental venture of the network. Considering that Disney dwells mostly on good vs. evil kind of stories, "Descendants" is different from the usual projects because it was a movie about the coming-of-age of the Sons And Daughters of the infamous Disney villains.

A new breed of villains

The main cast of "Descendants" - Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart and Mitchell Hope, were still the main characters in the sequel. However, there were some additional characters in the sequel, who included Anna Cathcart as the daughter of Cinderella's evil stepsister, Dylan Playfair as the son of Gaston, Thomas Doherty as the son of Captain Hook, and China Anne McClain as the daughter of Ursula.

Apparently, "Descendants 2" has sparked some controversy and divided opinions among parents because the theme of the movie seemed to be uplifting the villains. The trailers of "Descendants 2" notably have a lot of scenes where the main cast appears to be influencing their school and schoolmates to be evil but considering that it is a movie about sons and daughters of villains, those scenes are pretty much understandable, right?

'Descendants 3' cast

Although it is still a bit early to be talking about "Descendants 3," it is inevitable to talk about it because the ending of the sequel clearly hinted on another movie. Uma, played by China Anne McClain, turned to the camera with an evil and mischievous glint in her eyes, teasing the more than 13 million viewers of a future "Descendants 3."

However, according to Entertainment Weekly, McClain revealed that the wink at the final scene wasn't actually part of the original script that was given to her. Although it is still unconfirmed if "Descendants 3" will push through, the stars of the sequel have expressed their excitement and well wishes for the new cast of the possible third franchise.