The trailer for Disney Channel's "Descendants 2" featuring Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay (Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, BooBoo Stewart) as the villain kids-turned good premiered last night at the Radio Disney Music Awards and garnered monumental praise from fans and friends alike. The trailer centers around nervous Mal (DCameron) who seems out of her element being "the most envied girl in Auradon," seemingly forced to be something she is not. Feeling out of place and missing her old life, Mal makes the decision to return to the Isle of The Lost.

It is then that viewers are introduced to a new kind of evil.

'Descendants 2' aims higher

From the critical success of the first installment of the well-known franchise, it is no surprise that director Kenny Ortega aims higher with the introduction of Uma (China Anne McClain), Harry Hook (Thomas Doherty), and others whose agenda is to bring evil to Auradon. Of course, what would the film be without Ben (Mitchell Hope) who claims to have driven Mal back to the Isle of The Lost in the first place? It's here that Uma makes her presence known. Having the opportunity to capture Mal's friends and let evil reign down, Mal must decide if she wants to be evil or if her friendships with Evie, Ben, Carlos, and Jay mean more to her than the threat made by the always dramatic Uma.

'Descendants 2' will be the movie event of the summer for Disney

"Descendants 2," while not the first of its kind, is paving the way for future silver screen starlets and directors like Ortega to aspire to be better and push themselves to make the impossible possible in the mouse house. With numerous triple-threats in the cast, it is easy to see why the first film was so successful and why the trailer already has over 500,000 views despite only being released on YouTube yesterday.

Moreover, the success of the trailer not only speaks volumes for the "Descendants" films, but also for the newer, darker, and slightly more mature direction Disney Channel is headed with their movies in an effort to see a spike in ratings. Nonetheless, "Descendants 2" looks like it will be worth the wait.

"Descendants 2" premieres July 21st @ 8/7c on Disney Channel.