We’ve long heard rumors of Ben Affleck walking away from the Batman character, but there was never a reliable source behind the claim. Well, such is no longer the case as the latest rumor says Warner Bros. is looking to replace Affleck with a younger actor.

The report came directly from the ever reliable, Hollywood Report. The publican claims that Warner Bros. is actively working to “gracefully” remove Ben Affleck from the Batman role in one of its upcoming DC movies. No one is sure which film will see Affleck put up the cowl, but one thing is for certain, he’ll have a huge presence in “Justice League.”

Matt Reeves seeking a younger Batman?

Apparently, the director of the first solo Batman film in the DC Extended Universe wants to helm a trilogy of films, which might not work well with an older actor.

Affleck is 44-years old, and by the time the trilogy comes to an end, he’ll likely be in his mid-50s. By that time, his body might not be able to keep up with the workout conditions required to stay in the role.

Warner Bros. could cast a younger actor to play Batman in the Matt Reeves trilogy. The director could set his trilogy of films in the past when the character was younger, while Ben Affleck plays an older Batman in the movies set in the present. It’s possible, but whether or not Reeves will support such a move is unknown.

Additionally, the studio could introduce Terry McGinnis as the caped crusader. For those unaware of the Batman lore, Terry McGinnis took on the cape and cowl in the year 2039 after Bruce Wayne got too old fight crime the way he wanted.

Still, fans of the character might prefer to have Bruce Wayne in the films than another, so we’re not expecting that to work.

The Flash changing the timeline

Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, is set to play a significant role in the upcoming “Justice League” film set to hit theaters on November 17. It’s possible the character could mess around with the timeline to effectively introduce a leaner and younger Batman.

The way things have been going with the critical failure of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and “Suicide Squad,” we have to wonder if the folks at Warner Bros. wants to make a wholesale change, especially due to the success of “Wonder Woman.”

At the end of the day, it’ll be sad to see Ben Affleck leave the DC Extended Universe, but if it’s for a good reason, then it needs to happen. DC films should have young actors to last 15-years in reoccurring roles, and we doubt Ben Affleck is capable of doing so at his age.