Finally, speculations and rumors can now be put to rest. Daniel Craig will top bill the next spy action thriller "James Bond" once again. The past weeks, news surfaced that the Agent 007 will be back come 2019, but no other details came up. The iconic James Bond role has only been given to a select few, and for the next movie, Daniel Craig has the privilege again.

Release date and lead star

MGM or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer owns the franchise of the "James Bond" films. They, along with Eon Productions, announced the movie’s cinema release on November 8, 2019, in North America.

Upon checking the schedule, November 8 also holds the spot for the release of a live-action fairy tale flick from Walt Disney Studios. This puts "James Bond" and a Disney movie head to head on a same-day release.

Daniel Craig will be back

Fans and movie critics could not guess who would be at the helm of the next Agent 007 film. Everyone remained unsure if the 49-year-old actor would agree to headline a role that he has worked on for nearly 10 years. In an interview after the release of the 2015 film “Spectre,” Craig shared his sentiments on staying with the famous role. According to him, he reached his goals and aspirations with James Bond and would like to move on to other characters. A few months after this statement, he mentioned that he was interested in coming back once again.

And, true enough, this is the case.

Taking over the iconic role

The 2019 film will be the 25th movie in the history of "James Bond." What started with the classic “Dr. No” film in 1962 has now become one of the biggest movie brands in the whole world. "James Bond" is a house hold name not just in Britain but across countries.

His name is synonymous to Secret Service and the coolest and most calm undercover agent battling all sorts of evil. It had come along way from when writer Ian Fleming created the character in 1953.

The previous "James Bond" characters were played by handsome and dapper men just like Craig. Sean Connery portrayed the secret service agent in 1962.

Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan also gave their touch to the films. British actor Daniel Craig is on his 5th "James Bond" movie.

Neither MGM, Eon, nor Craig himself has confirmed the lead role for "James Bond." The news of Craig’s confirmation in the 2019 film came from two sources that are close to the production. They requested for their names to be kept confidential to avoid any conflict with the movie’s producers.

Other updates

According to Eon and MGM, the film’s previous writers would oversee the script writing. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade is the pair who also wrote the last six films. It will be produced by Eon representative Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Based on Eon and MGM’s last statement, they would be announcing the film’s other details at a later time. This would include their distribution partner and release dates in other countries aside from the U.S. They would also announce the complete cast and director once it is confirmed.