While fans all over the world are talking about the next 007 movie, the great movie film producer, Barbara Broccoli, is not sure on when cameras are going to roll. It seems movie goers who love “James Bond” films should be more patient this time.

Barbara not sure when to start

After Daniel Craig confirmed that he is very ready to do another “James Bond” movie, reliable sources say that the blockbuster film producer does not know on when exactly the whole production will start to grind. Hence, reports noted that they’re not waiting for anyone, probably Daniel Craig, or anything to get their ready hands to shoot.

According to sources, this seems to be forgivable as she’s extremely busy. Broccoli is producing two other amazing films and a play including “The Kid Stays in the Picture” which will hit Broadway soon.

The incredible movie producer was at a dinner with some high-profile filmmakers last Tuesday at Chateau Marmont. At the said night out, there were Colleen Camp and Jessica de Rothschild who’s also tossing her own movie career.

Daniel remained to be the first choice

It’s already been more than a year after the last James Bond Movie, “Spectre.” Since then, there are numerous speculations on who’s going to play the lead role in the next 007 classic film.

There were reports that Aidan Turner has an A plus qualities to do the next installment.

Also, sources noted that the famous protagonist can be played by Hugh Jackman, Scott Mendelson, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba.

However, Joanna Lumley recently claimed that Idris Elba could not portray the said role. The 71-year old actress said that Elba’s qualities are far different from Ian Fleming’s character description.

Hence, she asserted that the English actor is stunning and call him a zonking great star.

While news are continuously swirling, Craig was reportedly to be very pleased with how “Othello” went and gained many great reviews. The amazing actor was asked in 2015 if he’s still willing to do another installment for the classic film and answered “I’d rather slash my wrists..

I’m over it at the moment." Apparently, this is not the case anymore.

A Hollywood insider said that the exceptional actor and Broccoli’s talks are going just in the right direction. He is now ready to take a final Bond. It was also confirmed that they have a script to discuss which is written by the screenwriting duo Robert Wade and Neal Purvis.

The duo has been working together since 1999 with James Bond’s “The World is Not Enough” with the lead awesome actor Pierce Brosnan. This pair had the chance to collaborate with John Logan and Jez Butterworth on “Spectre” last 2015. The latest installment, starred by Daniel Craig, grossed more than $880 million worldwide.