It is not a secret that Kyrie Irving would like to have the stage to himself. The All-Star point guard of Cleveland asked the Cavaliers to trade him. According to the report of Los Angeles Times, there were two people who are familiar with the situation and immediately informed the Associated Press last Friday. Irving made the request last week as well.

Request for team change

Irving directly spoke to the owner, Dan Gilbert. The reason behind the request to leave the Cleveland Team is still not confirmed. The people around Irving is also not speaking on the condition of anonymity.

The Cleveland team is not commenting yet about the star’s demands. Irving, who is a four-time All-Star, has spent six seasons playing with the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers selected him with the No. 1 overall pick for 2011. After a series of injury issues, the 25-year-old cager had blossomed into one of the basketball league’s elite point guard and considered as one of the biggest stars too.

Irving wants out

Now that Irving was able to establish himself while playing alongside another basketball star, LeBron James, Irving wants out with the Cavaliers. However, everything may not be that simple. He is still under contract to play for two more seasons with Cleveland. He also has a player option for the year 2020.

The Cavaliers have an option. They can incline to move Irving now, and they can begin another rebuild with LeBron James. James can opt out of his contract by next summer, and he can leave Ohio for the second time too.

Shedding some light

The request made by Irving shed some light on the team’s recent pursuit of another star.

This star is no other than former MVP Derrick Rose. Irving’s decision is not a surprise for everyone. There was already a tension among the team before the news broke that he will be switching teams.

The main reason, according to speculations and rumors, is the return of LeBron James to Cleveland. This decision was made less than two weeks after Kyrie Irving decided for a five-year contract extension during the night of free agency last 2014.

When Irving sealed the deal, he has a different thing in mind. Both he and the team envisioned that he would be the face of the franchise.

On the other hand, Koby Altman, who is the team’s interim general manager, will now be the team’s full-time general manager. This decision was made by the team during a strange summer of activity. Although the deal is still being finalized, rumors are that it will be announced in the next few days.