"Brad's Status" is an upcoming American comedy movie which is both written and directed by Mike White. The movie follows the character of Brad who is taking his son on a tour of college campuses. Over the course of the trip, Brad must confront his feelings of failure and his obsession with his friend's lives. Ben Stiller takes on dual roles in this movie as he plays Brad and Brad's father. Further casting includes Michael Sheen, Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson, and Austin Abrams.

"Brad's Status" is due to be released by Amazon Studios later this year.

It's son looking after father in this new comedy

"Brad's Status" follows the main protagonist of the movie, Brad, who is a family man who has a good career and a loving family. He has everything he can possibly need in life when suddenly he is faced with saying goodbye to his son Troy as he heads off to college. The movie follows the father and son as they travel around touring colleges. This forces Brad to deal with his feelings of failure which he gained from a bad college trip experience with his friends. It doesn't help that Brad is obsessed with the better fortunes of his friends.

The comedy shows the spin in the parent-child relationship as son Troy is left looking out for his dad on their college tour trip.

In the trailer for the movie, Troy is seen telling his father off. He tries to explain to his father that his dad and his dad's friends are only thinking about themselves. Exasperated, Troy claims that he is the only person who is looking out for his dad.

Stiller was the best actor for this role

According to Variety, Ben Stiller was clearly the best candidate for the role of Brad in "Brad's Status." Stiller is known for his ability to translate comedy to the big screen.

The star recently starred in "Zoolander 2" where audiences were howling with laughter. Judging by the trailer, Stiller will be bringing his considerable acting talent as his character Brad has several nervous breakdowns.

Austin Abrams stars as Troy, the son and musical prodigy of Brad. Abrams matches Brad's one liners with comedy of his own.

The pair makes the perfect team as they take on their comedic roles in "Brad's Status." Further casting includes such actors as Jemaine Clement and Jimmy Kimmel starring as himself. The casting for this movie is sure to boost its ratings.

"Brad's Status" is due to be released on September 15 by Amazon Studios. Fans of Stiller will not have to wait too long before they see his next comedy movie.