Another James Bond movie is due, and fans of the film franchise are curious as to who might play a role in the next movie. The actor who last played James Bond, Daniel Craig, has reportedly signified his interest to pass on the role to someone else, and while this has remained unconfirmed until now, the fans are already making their own bets on who gets to fill in the shoes for the next movie. Talks about Daniel Craig leaving the movie franchise began in 2015 when he allegedly said in an interview that he would rather slash his wrists than reprise his role as Double 007.

According to sources close to Craig, the actor reached a point of severe exhaustion and physical strain while preparing for his role in the James Bond movie.

That said, if Daniel Craig stands by his alleged decision to leave the franchise for good, the producers will have to double time in finding a replacement for the 49-year old actor. Who are the popular choices to play the role of James Bond?

What's the deal with Daniel Craig?

According to reports, when the "Spectre" actor gave the controversial statement that he would rather slit his wrists that play the role of James Bond again, it was roughly a day after their last filming for the said movie. Further, it was almost a year since he last spent time with his family, so it was most probably not the best time to have been asked that question.

Now that it has been more than a couple of years since the last James Bond movie was released, fans are wondering if the "Skyfall" actor has moved on from the physical, emotional and overall exhaustion from filming and if he is ready to bring back his alter-ego.

Hollywood veterans or newbie actors?

Playing the role of James Bond or simply being offered the role is considered to be an honor, especially for newbie Hollywood stars.

The choices for the possible actor to replace Daniel Craig as the dapper, mysterious and highly talented secret agent range from veteran Hollywood actors down to newbie hunks.

A rundown of the popular choices includes Liam Neeson, Tom Hiddleston, Ryan Gosling, Idris Elba, Jake Gyllenhaal and Brad Pitt. The decision lies with the producers of the movie and the success of the movie san Daniel Craig greatly lies on the actor who will be replacing him.

One last chance for 'Casino Royale' actor

Sources reveal that the producers for the next James Bond movie are still not closing their doors to Daniel Craig. With the right deals and negotiations, it is still highly possible that the "Skyfall" actor might still reconsider reprising his role as Double 007.

The producer of Bond movie, Barbara Brocolli, has reportedly "just about persuaded" the English actor to be on board the next installment. As for other aspects of the movie, the script and screenwriters are all set with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade leading the team.