Last night on a new episode of "Kate Plus 8," Kate Gosselin was seen getting ready for the sextuplets big 13th birthday party. One thing that fans noticed is that her son Collin wasn't home yet, but another person was there that has everyone talking now. She had someone there helping her that has caused a lot of speculation. Her bodyguard Steve was out there helping her set up a treasure hunt for the boys. Kate didn't know how to use a compass, so she had him helping her. There have been rumors in the past that these two were dating and now they are going again.

Fans didn't even know if Steve was still working for her for sure until they saw them together on the show last night.

What was the deal with Steve and Kate?

Steve has been the bodyguard for the Gosselins for years. Kate shared last night that he had been working for them for a while, but he is usually behind the scenes. He was with her once again and he hasn't ever left the show. Last everyone knew, Steve Neild was actually married, though. They have never admitted that they are more than just friends, though. Steve and Kate have been getting along well, but that doesn't mean they are actually dating.

On the show last night, Kate Gosselin said she was single and doesn't know if she still be in a few years.

She also said that her kids are really annoyed that she is still single. She says that if she had the time and the avenue she would be all in on dating. It sounds like the guy she wants just hasn't come along yet.

According to Earn the Necklace, in the past Jon Gosselin has said that Kate was with Steve. He even claimed in the past that Steve and Kate had an affair so this is part of why he wanted a divorce.

Jon has had a lot of negative things to say about Kate over the years. These two don't get along.

So are they really together?

Honestly, nobody really seems to know if they are together or not. Kate has never admitted to them being more than friends. She has denied having a boyfriend and was even seen going on a date on the show.

Kate Gosselin has never gotten remarried since she split from Jon. He has obviously moved on from her.

Are you shocked by Kate Gosselin being with Steve on "Kate Plus 8" last night? Do you feel like these two are more than just friends? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Kate Plus 8" on Monday nights on TLC. If Kate ever gets serious about someone, then she will probably share about it on the show with the fans.