In an exclusive interview with Normani Kordie, she has revealed that she has kept her eyes on Bonner Bolton and still willing to date the guy. To recall, everyone was left in awe last May when Bolton asked the "Fifth Harmony" star to go out on a date through Facebook Live.

On the other hand, Kodie has accepted his invitation, and she has also revealed that it would be the first time for them to meet on an intimate date. She further shared that both haven't gone out on a date yet since she has stayed in a while in Texas. However, she would be much willing to date Bolton this time very soon.

Texas buddies

In one of her interviews from 9News, Kordie revealed that she misses her old friend Bolton a lot. She further revealed that both of them used to be Texas buddies back then. To recall, both had been front runners for the "Dancing with the Stars" season 24 and had already developed a kind of friendship with each other.

Further, Kordie also revealed that both of them were like best of friends back then. She added that Bolton would always mean special to her and has considered him one of her closest friends. On the other hand, she also added that Bolton has contributed much to her regarding her spiritual and mental being and that she has treasured him a lot.

Dinner date

As Kodie continued, she also shared that they were supposed to have dinner on the previous days.

However, the two didn't make it up to their date due to conflicts with their schedule. Nevertheless, Kodie will always look forward to the time when they can finally go out together for some intimate talks.

Apparently, their upcoming date is one of the most highly-anticipated events that their fans have tried to look forward to.

Their followers have been patiently waiting for such date to happen and all of them hope that it will happen soon. Despite being together for "Dancing With The Stars" season 24, Kordie was recalled to have paired with Val Chmerkovskiy when they got third place for the said competition.

Amid the dating news between Kordie and Bolton, the "Dancing with the Stars" alum still revealed that she still has a tight communication with her dancing pro partner, Val.

Some of her fans couldn't help but scream, "Team #Valmani forever!"

Hence, it looked as if it will take a little time for fans to wait as to whom Kordie will finally meet and date with. Nevertheless, it is still good to know that these guys have kept their flirty friendship active despite having been separated after their shows.